Verteil team attend travel events in Singapore and Madrid

Verteil attends the IATA Implementation Forum, Singapore and the Farelogix Preferred Partner Seminar, Madrid
September 25, 2019
Company Update

Verteil participation in the IATA NDC Implementation Forum, Farelogix Preferred Partner Program and Singapore Airlines NDC Agency events.

The last week of September was a busy week as Verteil was well represented by our senior leadership team in multiple NDC events in Europe and Asia.

IATA Implementation Forum in Madrid

Verteil was invited by IATA to participate at the IATA Implementation Forum in Madrid to present the work we have done for Wipro Travel as a case study. The event was well attended by all members of the value chain: Airlines, Aggregators, TMC and other agents worldwide. Verteil presented key workflows in the TMC flow for Wipro Travel in our flagship product Verteil Direct Connect (VDC). The solution we implemented for integrating with Wipro back office systems using IATA NDC schemas was well appreciated by many TMC’s who attended the event. The event also discussed important topics in Scalability, Performance and new NDC features which are forthcoming.

The main takeaway was that NDC 17.2 version was the version the aviation industry wants to optimize on currently. It was our very first participation of the IATA Implementation forum and we look forward to attending similar events in the future to demonstrate and showcase our expertise in NDC with the rest of the aviation industry.

Farelogix Preferred Partner Seminar

As a Farelogix Preferred Partner, we were invited by Farelogix to attend their seminar held in Madrid. The presentation by Farelogix gave us a peek into their NDC API future roadmap, Payments and Servicing enhancements that are coming down the road. This was very useful considering the various implementations we are currently undertaking with various Farelogix NDC enabled airlines. It also gave us an opportunity to present our thoughts, ideas and provided valuable feedback based on our NDC development experience for Farelogix to consider in their development roadmap which was well appreciated.

Both the events gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our domain and technical expertise in Airline Distribution- NDC and to demonstrate why our NDC platform, Verteil Direct Connect is well appreciated by airlines and agents alike and based on unsolicited feedback, remains a cut above all other NDC products in the industry.

Satheesh Satchit, co-founder of Verteil Technologies gives a presentations on the workings of VDC at the Farelogix seminar, Madrid

Singapore Airlines NDC Agency Event

At the same time half way around the world, Verteil was invited by Singapore Airlines (SQ) to participate at their NDC Agency event in Singapore. This event was held right after Singapore Airlines announced the expansion of the KrisConnect Program. The event had a dual purpose: To communicate the upcoming products and features that are coming in 2019 and early 2020 from SQ and it also brought SQ’s technology partners like Verteil to talk about our NDC product to the IATA Singapore agency community gathered at the event. We also announced in the event that SQ’s NDC content is live on Verteil Direct Connect.

The event was well attended by many SQ agents both in the morning and afternoon sessions. Post the presentations, we got many opportunities to engage with the agencies who showed up at our booth to learn more about VDC. The powerful combination of SQ’s NDC content, a modern technology distribution platform like VDC that provides end to end NDC capabilities like Shopping, Booking, Ticketing, Payments, Reporting, Servicing features along with ease of use really resonated with the agencies.

Asia Pacific is a key market for us and hence this event gave us an opportunity to be in front of all key agents Singapore Airlines identified operating in the Singapore region. Our NDC platform has garnered tremendous interest among the agencies in Singapore and we are looking forward to engaging with them more deeply in the months to come.

Presentation slide on SIA’s NDC product KrisConnect
Members of leadership team talk about the vision of Verteil Technology
View of attendees present at Singapore Airlines NDC Agency event