Certified at NDC Level 4

Certified at NDC level 4, Verteil offers the most advanced and easily-adopted platform for the future of distribution.

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Verteil embraced NDC at its origin when the programme started over 6 years ago. We’ve been at the forefront ever since Certified at NDC level 4, we now offer the most advanced and easily-adopted platform for the future of distribution - Verteil Direct Connect (VDC)

User interface of Verteil Direct Connect, NDC distribution platform

Verteil Direct Connect (VDC)

Verteil Direct Connect (VDC) is Verteil's flagship product. It is a B2B travel portal that helps travel agents to search, book and modify the airline content.

Travel agents can book NDC tickets for 40+ full service airlines on VDC, and more airlines are getting on boarded with us every month.

One API for all Airlines

  • Unified API offering for travel agents that gives them access to all 40+ airlines on a standard interface
  • Any new airline onboarded on VDC (Verteil Direct Connect) will be seamlessly integrated with the API and available to agents at no additional cost
  • Customized and personalized tech offerings based on agencies unique requirements
VDC makes it easy for travel agents to search flights and shop for ancillaries from a single interface

Certified for Excellence

Verteil's technology is up-to-date with latest NDC versions and standards, and undergoes rigorous testing to manage the complexities of direct airline distribution.

Verteil Technologies certifies as a NDC Level 4 aggregator

Product Features

  • Full shopping capability
  • Ancillaries including luggage, seats, meals and much more
  • All branded fares and fare family types
  • Frequent flyer support: Full support for loyalty programs
  • Multi-payment option like credit card, cash, Agency wallet, Verteil wallet, Net banking, Paypal, and much more are available
  • On hold: You can pay later and book the flight
  • Full support for all post-ticketing services like change/cancel/modify, void and ancillaries

VDC API for IATA Travel Agents

Verteil Product Offerings For Airlines