At Verteil, we believe in the power of cutting-edge technology to transform the way travel agents and tech partners connect with airline content. Our program offers you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with Verteil’s NDC API, unlocking a treasure trove of NDC airline content that will elevate your services to new heights. Join us on this journey, and together, we’ll redefine the travel experience for agencies and customers alike.


What is Verteil’s
Technology Partner Program?

Verteil's Technology Partner Program (TPP) offers a valuable opportunity for technology partners to enrich their services, delivering seamless access to Verteil's NDC (New Distribution Capability) airline content to their travel agency customers. By participating in this program, tech partners will integrate with Verteil API and give NDC services and solutions to their customers.

One of the primary benefits of becoming a certified vendor of Verteil is gaining early and priority access to our NDC API. This eliminates the need for agencies to undergo a separate certification process, streamlining their access to the latest airline content. 

By staying at the forefront of NDC and ensuring you're in the loop for everything NDC from the leaders of NDC, namely Verteil, we empower our partners to deliver increased value to their customers. This means granting access to an extensive and constantly updated inventory of airline products and services.

Becoming a certified partner with Verteil opens doors to more than just technology. Leverage our logo and name in your marketing endeavors, establishing trust and credibility within the industry. This symbolizes that your services are backed by the most current and reliable airline content, boosting your brand's visibility and reputation.

Verteil's Technology Partner Program is a gateway to cutting-edge technology, increased visibility, marketing advantages, commercial benefits, and top-notch support. By becoming a Verteil Tech Partner, you position yourself at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry, ready to redefine the travel experience for agencies and customers alike. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities.

VDC makes it easy for travel agents to search flights and shop for ancillaries from a single interface

Why become Verteil’s Tech Partner?

Be a Certified Vendor of Verteil

  • By becoming a certified vendor of Verteil, you gain exclusive access to Verteil’s NDC content API.
  • Eliminates the need for agencies to seek separate certification from Verteil, streamlining the process.
  • This certification empowers you to offer more value to your customers by providing access to the latest airline content.

Use Verteil's Logo in Your Marketing

  • As a certified partner of Verteil, you have the privilege of displaying Verteil's logo on your social media, website, and marketing materials.
  • Showcase your partnership with Verteil to the travel industry, reinforcing your credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Let your audience know that you have the most up-to-date airline content available.

Appear on Verteil's Webpage as a Certified Vendor

  • Upon achieving certified vendor status with Verteil, your company attains visibility on our official website.
  • This exposure ensures that agencies visiting our website regularly are aware of your capability to provide NDC content and technical support.
  • Agencies can directly connect with you for NDC content access or technical assistance, maximizing your business opportunities.

Get Attractive Commercial Benefits

  • As a certified vendor of Verteil, you gain early access to the commercial benefits negotiated by our team with airlines.
  • This certification empowers you to offer more value to your customers by providing access to the latest airline content.

Priority Support and Support Portal Access

  • Certified partners receive exclusive access to Verteil's round-the-clock support team, guaranteeing prompt resolution of customer queries.
  • Utilize our support portal for streamlined issue resolution and effective escalations when required.

 API Team Priority Access for Certification Process

  • Verteil upholds a rigorous certification process, guaranteeing the seamless integration and high-quality performance of our Technology Partner Program (TPP) associates.
  • TPP members receive priority support from our API team, complete with dedicated channels for seamless integration efforts.
  • Gain expedited integration and a seamless experience for all stakeholders with priority access to our API team throughout the certification process.



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