Qantas recognises Verteil as a Technology Partner

New distribution capability enhances the travel experience by bridging travel agents and airlines together
April 7, 2022
Press Release

Qantas New Distribution Capability (NDC) content is now available on Verteil’s flagship NDC distribution platform, Verteil Direct Connect (VDC), following the successful integration with Qantas Distribution Platform via IATA’s NDC standard based XML APIs. Using VDC, Travel Agencies can now access Qantas NDC content, through the Qantas Distribution Platform, including personalised content tailored to meet travellers’ unique requirements, with new product types, dynamic offers and enhanced servicing functions that improve the agency servicing experience. Apart from the superior and real time content, Travel Agents will make savings of AUD 17.50 per segment for bookings through Qantas Distribution Platform, compared to Legacy channels.

Travellers can get a more personalised experience with the availability of Qantas’s NDC content on Verteil Direct Connect

VDC facilitates direct, real-time connectivity with Qantas NDC APIs thus accelerating the adoption of airline retailing without being constrained by the limitations of current legacy distribution systems. Travel service providers can get access to Qantas NDC content, and the rest of Verteil’s airline NDC network, through Verteil's distribution platform by either using Verteil’s comprehensive NDC front office tool or integration via Verteil’s Universal API.

“Verteil is pleased to be an Approved Technology Partner of the Qantas Distribution Platform in the exciting NDC journey to enable modern retailing experience in the travel domain. Our mission is to enable direct connectivity between airlines and travel companies, facilitating unlimited retailing possibilities in the airline e-commerce sector, without being constrained by limitations of legacy technology and this marks an important milestone in our mission. Qantas has a progressive NDC rollout strategy, and Verteil is thrilled at the possibility of opening up Qantas NDC content to our global customer base.” said Jerrin Jos, Founder & CEO, Verteil Technologies.

“Our agency and Technology Partners are a key part of the expansion of our NDC program and we’re pleased to be welcoming Verteil. As we continue to launch new features through the Qantas Distribution Platform, this partnership will enable us to deliver special offers, richer content,and a better booking experience to more of our customers and agency partners.” said Igor Kwiatkowski, Qantas Executive Manager, Global Sales & Distribution.

NDC is the next technology wave that is modernizing the distribution landscape, with airlines not being constrained by the current legacy distribution systems in introducing innovative products and personalized services. Verteil has been actively working in this domain right from 2016 onwards with a growing customer base. Built by a core team having 100+ man years of deep domain knowledge in the airline technology domain, VDC is designed to address all the necessary functional and technical scalability considerations required for an NDC distribution platform.