Nirvana chooses VDC to access rich airline NDC content

Nirvana partners with Verteil Technologies to enhance its NDC strategy
July 14, 2021
Press Release

Dianomis announces its partnership with Nirvana Travel Group to enable VDC by Verteil Technologies for their customers to benefit from differentiated Airline products and prices via the direct connect NDC channel.

The Nirvana Travel Group will now be able to access airline NDC content across multiple business lines that serve travel requirements of a diverse market. By virtue of integrating VDC APIs into its current technology stack, a full range of air content will be available in one place, making it easier for its agents to compare offers and provide its customers with the best value proposition. Using VDC, Nirvana Travel Group can now directly enjoy the benefits of value-added and differentiated products and services made available by the airline on its NDC channel.

“Nirvana has always been a pioneer in industry innovations and invests considerable resources into technology research and developments. Partnering with Verteil and onboarding NDC content, powering our diversified verticals, we are able to offer our customers a much richer content & experience, in our corporate culture to be truly caring!” said Alaa Al Ali, the Group CEO of Nirvana Holding Group.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nirvana Travel group and begin a partnership to bring cutting edge Travel Technology like Verteil Direct Connect that will enable them to enhance and increase the value of their offerings to their global customers” said Mr. Russell Pinto, General Manager, Dianomis.

“Verteil Technologies is delighted to enable NDC technology for Nirvana Travel group, in conjunction with our reselling partner Dianomis. Using VDC, Nirvana can support the entire lifecycle through the NDC channel right from shopping, booking, up to managing changes in bookings and flight disruptions. A true e-commerce-based retailing capability will enable Nirvana to access richer content from airlines and provide more choice for the benefits of their customers” said Mr. Jerrin Jos, Founder & CEO, Verteil Technologies.