Air Canada and its NDC Capabilities

Access Air Canada NDC Capabilities with Verteil Direct Connect
Airline Updates

Air Canada holds an ARM Index certification, allowing travellers to get a comfortable travel experience by tapping into various ancillary services such as lounge access, seat preference and special meals. In addition to offering promo codes for discounted fares, the airline also provides fare bundles for business and leisure travellers alike. Air Canada delivers a rich shopping experience through programs such as Aeroplan and Air Canada for Business

Certification date: Aug 2022

NDC Features

Offer Management

Search for offers based on itinerary type - One way, Round Trip, Multi City
Fares and Pricing - Branded fares, Corporate negotiated fares, Discounted Codes
Payment - Credit Card, BSP (Canada), UATP, Enet
Seat Map - Advanced and Prefered Seat Selection
Additional Baggage Allowance
In-Flight WiFi
Special Meal Vouchers
Lounge Access

Order Management

Order Create: Place Order
Order List: Retrieve and View Booking Details
Make changes to the itinerary before and after the trip
Cancel Booking and avail refund options based on refundability rules
AirDoc Display
Retrieve and Display Ticket Details and Status

A complete list of Air Canada’s NDC capabilities can be found here

How to issue NDC tickets with Air Canada?

Agents can access Air Canada’s NDC content through:

  • Its intuitive booking platform Air Canada Connex (AC Connex)
  • Integrating the airline’s NDC API within their systems
  • Using the online booking tool / NDC API of a Air Canada approved technology partner.  

Integration walkthrough

Air Canada has its own booking platform known as AC Connex, that offers a comprehensive look into its NDC content. The tool can be used by travel agents lacking booking platforms of their own. The scope of the NDC API integration falls more towards online travel agents and other technology providers looking to partner with Air Canada. 

AC NDC API Integration

Step 1: Fill the registration form and create an account 

Step 2: Access AC’s NDC API 

Step 3: The distribution team reviews the information and sends tools needed for the integration 

Step 4: Build integration with the provided tools 

Step 5: Update displays based on Air Canada’s display requirements 

Step 6: Complete the display certification test cases 

Step 7: Await approval from the distribution team 

Step 8: Go live  

Turn-around time: Varies for each provider 

How to access AC Connex?

Step 1: Register online 

Step 2: The distribution team would get back with the login credentials 

Step 3: Use the login credentials to get started 

Turn-around time: 7 business days  

Get access to Air Canada's NDC content through Verteil

Verteil Direct Connect (VDC) - Verteil’s NDC booking platform hosts NDC content of over 40 airlines. Use our B2B web portal and universal API to gain full access to Air Canada's NDC functionalities. Search and book flight tickets with ease. Provide your customers with real time offers and discounts.

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