Verteil wins the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award at OTM 2022

Verteil team collects the most innovative product of the year award at OTM 2022
November 14, 2022
Company Update

As one of the exhibitors at OTM September 2022, Verteil had the perfect opportunity to showcase travel agencies and other travel service providers the importance of NDC in the airline distribution space to boost the industry on an upward trajectory.

Verteil team talks to a representative from Lufthansa

Seven members of our team represented Verteil at OTM Mumbai 2022. Discussions with more than a thousand travel agents gave us insights into the current challenges they faced with booking platforms. This gave us the opportunity to help them understand the important role Verteil holds in re-imagining the airline retailing space and the problems our NDC distribution platform could solve when it comes to ticketing and booking.

The team getting ready for the OTM event

Meeting with different travel agents from around the world gave us the right platform to bring to light the benefits VDC offers to the travel industry and how they could leverage the use of our B2B portal and APIs to give their customers the perfect travel experience.

The team meet with travel agents to highlight the benefits VDC holds in addressing the challenges they face

We were pleased to receive the award for being the Most Innovative Tech Product of the Year. This award cements our belief on the role travel tech and NDC aggregators like Verteil Technologies plays in streamlining the airline retailing experience of travellers.

Getting a deeper look into the challenges faced by travel agents and others within the industry made us further realize that we are on the right path to improve the distribution space by providing travel agents with better fares, support and technology.

In words of Jerrin Jos, CEO, Verteil Technologies, “We are delighted to receive this award and getting recognised for our efforts in transforming the global airline distribution space from legacy to retail based landscape. We could see significant interest generated from the travel agency community at OTM Mumbai to leverage the benefits of our NDC based distribution product, Verteil Direct Connect. Our aim is to empower travel sellers with technology which can help them provide the best in class service to travelers who we believe would be the ultimate beneficiaries of the NDC based distribution ecosystem”.

About: Verteil Direct Connect (VDC) is a level 4 certified NDC distribution platform that follows the latest NDC standard message schema set by IATA. It provides a wide range of full offer and order management capabilities that makes it easier for travel agents to handle ticketing, booking and other ancillary services without the limitations of legacy distribution systems. Verteil has a large global presence spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. We partner with multiple airlines, travel agents and travel suppliers. Being one of the first NDC aggregators to venture into the industry, gives us the advantage of being experts within the domain and helps us to provide our customers with all functional and technical solutions they need to address any blockers they face in airline distribution.

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