Verteil partners with F-ness to launch NDC services in Japan

Verteil Technologies enters into a partnership with F-ness
February 14, 2019
Press Release

Verteil Technologies is delighted to announce the first-ever direct connect booking using IATA’s NDC standard in Japan using Verteil’s NDC aggregator platform, Verteil Direct Connect (VDC). F-ness, a major travel services group based in Tokyo, issued the first NDC ticket on Lufthansa Airlines powered by Verteil Direct Connect.

Verteil becomes the first NDC aggregator in Japan with its partnership with F-ness

Built on IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard and seamlessly connected to IATA Financial Gateway (IFG), VDC platform offers agents like F-ness, a new direct channel to access the vast range of products and services made available by the airline for the travellers in Japan. Verteil is completely aligned with IATA’s vision for NDC and the company’s goal is to unlock the full value of NDC and make it available to the indirect airline sales channels in Japan and thereby enabling our partner agents to shop, book and fulfil offers to their customer's satisfaction.

“Verteil Technologies is delighted to launch our NDC aggregator platform, Verteil Direct Connect in Japan with F-ness. After our successful launch of NDC in India in Dec 2017 and its subsequent adoption of our platform by various full service carriers, I am really happy about this important milestone in Japan, one of the largest air passenger markets in the world. The positive feedback we have received from F-ness on VDC is great and we look forward to taking this partnership to new heights in 2019 and beyond. Japan is a critical market for Verteil and this announcement allows us to now accelerate NDC ticketing in Japan. We expect to onboard many IATA agents in Japan in 2019 and to industrialize and scale NDC in Japan” said Jerrin Jos, Founder & CEO, Verteil Technologies.

Mr. Tetsuya Joko, Representative Director of Verteil Japan Inc. , continued as follows: "We are positioning 2019 as the first year of NDC in Japan. I expect this partnership with F-ness to trigger expansion of adoption of NDC to a wider agency community in Japan. This will go a long way towards IATA’s vision of enabling 20% NDC ticketing by 2020”

With VDC, agencies in Japan will now have access to a next generation aviation e-commerce platform infused with an easy to use modern user experience that provides access to full and rich content. In one platform, they get access to NDC content from multiple airlines including competitive and differentiated fares, unique products and services not available on other channels and complete set of ancillaries. VDC eliminates fare based ADM’s by virtue of its automated workflows and gives complete transparency to customers by providing comparison shopping based on value of various attributes within an offer which goes beyond merely fare and price comparisons among others. Additionally, with Verteil’s partnership with IFG (IATA Financial Gateway) the platform provides a centralised set of flexible payment options in addition to traditional form of reporting to BSP. This will overcome high costs and complexities of different payment systems for the airlines.

Mr. Tatsuya Okazaki, Director of F-ness Corporation, said: "F-ness is pleased to partner with Verteil Technologies and to become the first IATA agency in Japan to issue tickets using its NDC Direct Connect Platform, Verteil Direct Connect. We will continue to deepen our partnership with our technical partner Verteil Technologies and further generate travel demand by promoting NDC products and services made available to the Japanese traveller”