Team Verteil celebrates International Women’s Day

Team Verteil celebrates International Women’s Day
March 17, 2023
Company Update

Verteil kicked off its International Women’s Day celebrations with an inspiring session by Priya Stephen, who spoke about her transformational journey on being a fitness enthusiast and an adventurer. 

The day was filled with many surprises where all the women of Verteil were treated to lunch and later entertained with a live musical performance by the gents of Verteil. 

Learning the power of dedication with Priya Stephen

Priya works as a Brand Communication Manager at Caplin Point Laboratories and is an entrepreneur, mother and fitness enthusiast. 

In spite of having her hands full, she always finds the time to embrace her love for trekking.  Some of her notable climbs include Annapurna Base Camp, Triple Pass Trek and Kang Yatse II. 

Like all inspiring women, Priya had plenty of amazing stories to share as she walked us through the journey that moulded her into being the person she is today. 

The beginning 

verteil celebrates international women's day

Priya started gaining weight during her pregnancy. When her health got affected she knew it was time to start working out and she decided to visit a nearby fitness centre. 

Despite the heavy workouts, Priya found out she wasn’t losing much weight and began keeping strict tabs on what she ate. Over a period of time she was able to bring down her weight from 104 to 55. 

Trekking challenges

Priya’s trekking adventures began when a friend told her to find a reason to stay fit. Not being athletic by nature, she still decided to try trekking in Annapurna Base Camp. This turned out to be a great learning experience for her.  

She further enlightened us by talking about overcoming multiple challenges like dealing with a stomach bug and helping one of her friends recover from mountain sickness.

Inspiration to stay fit

When asked about what inspires her to stay fit, Priya responded by saying that you need to have discipline. Consistency always helped Priya to make sure she stayed focused on her goal.

An unforgettable lunch

verteil celebrates international women's day

The gents at Verteil made the Women’s day celebrations extra special by taking the ladies out to lunch. While this thoughtful gesture was a great opportunity to bond outside of work, it also showcased Verteil’s commitment to always be appreciative of the hardwork and dedication shown by our female colleagues.

Musical Fiesta

verteil celebrates international women's day

The celebrations came to an end with a wonderful display of the musical talent of Jaison and Amaljith.The beautiful melodies were captivating and it showed the power music holds in bringing people together.

Quotes from Women at Verteil

"The Women's day celebration at the office was very memorable. We started the day with a motivational talk from Priya Stephen, followed by a series of engaging activities. I was delighted to receive amazing gifts from the company. It was a wonderful reminder of the importance of recognizing and supporting women in all areas of life".

Dhanu Francis, Business Analyst  

“This is the first time in my whole career I am celebrating Women's day with such a delightful experience. Priya’s inspiring session and the musical tribute from our male colleagues was worth remembering. I also want to thank the HR team for the thoughtful gifts they gave us.” 

Aswathy P D, Senior Software Engineer  

“I am so happy that Verteil arranged a celebration for us. I really enjoyed all the songs and indeed had some Aha moments. Even the picture with all our photographs and interaction with a highly positive person like Priya was a bliss.” 

Sruthi C, Senior Software Engineer  

Priya’s weight loss transformational journey and travel experiences were very inspiring to me. She is the best example of achieving your goals through sheer hard work and determination. I want to thank Verteil for hosting such an excellent session for us on Women’s Day

Saranya Chandran, Graphic Designer 

“I had a wonderful time being a part of the Women’s day celebrations at Verteil. Priya’s session was truly inspiring. The celebrations truly reflected the spirit of embracing the power of womanhood.”  

Sona Thomas, Content Specialist 

Celebrating inclusion and diversity

At Verteil, we are proud to celebrate the accomplishments women have made in the tech industry. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment that encourages and supports women in the workplace.

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