Iberia adds Verteil into its list of NDC Distribution providers

Iberia partners with Verteil Technologies
March 2, 2021
Press Release

Iberia’s NDC content is now activated on Verteil’s flagship NDC distribution platform Verteil Direct Connect (VDC). Travel agencies across the world can take the advantage of value-added and differentiated Iberia products and services on the new generation VDC whilst enjoying commercial incentives and content specific innovations that Iberia introduces through the direct connect channel

Iberia’s full NDC offerings is available on Verteil Direct Connect

VDC facilitates direct, real-time connectivity with Iberia using NDC APIs thus accelerating the adoption of airline retailing without being constrained by the limitations of current legacy distribution systems. Travel service providers can get access to NDC content from IB and rest of Verteil’s airline partners through the Verteil platform by either using Verteil’s comprehensive NDC front office tool or integration via Verteil’s Universal API.

"Iberia is happy to be partnering with Verteil Technologies who have been doing pioneering work in promoting NDC technology across different geographies. Iberia continues to promote exclusive NDC content through this channel and remain committed to improving our retailing capabilities for the benefit of travel agents”, said Cliff Trotta, Head of Distribution, Iberia.

“Verteil is proud to be associated with Iberia in their NDC journey. Verteil Direct Connect is designed to facilitate complete end to end retailing and merchandising features, so that airlines can promote differentiated products / services in a fast-paced manner directly to the agencies without any dependency on legacy service providers. Apart from Europe, UK, Japan, China, we are also looking at expansion to the Latin market & Iberia NDC content will be a great value add for travel companies in this region. Activating Iberia content on VDC is an important milestone for us in our industry transformation journey in the airline distribution space”, Jerrin Jos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Verteil Technologies

NDC is the next technology wave that is modernizing the distribution landscape, with airlines not being constrained by the current legacy distribution systems in introducing innovative products and personalized services. Verteil has been actively working in this domain right from 2016 onwards with a growing customer base. Built by a core team having 100+ man years of deep domain knowledge in the airline technology domain, VDC is architected to address all the necessary functional and technical scalability considerations required for an NDC distribution platform.